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Studio Nooi was founded in 2020 by Giulia Pesce and Ruggero Bastita in Torino, Italy.
Nooi is the amplification of the Italian word “noi”, meaning “us”. The idea behind it is that design is never an individual act but rather a collaborative process, involving designers, companies, users, artisans and technicians.
Nooi’s designs are always the result of good cooperation between people and are influenced by society, art, nature and cultural heritage.
Nooi is closely involved at every stage of the project development, always aiming to achieve designs that are refined and rich of content. 
Nooi 1 color_edited.jpg
We found Nooi in Torino, Italy.

2016- 2019
We are employed as designers in a design studio based in Aarhus, Denmark, working as head designers on many furniture and product design projects in Europe and Asia.

We obtain the master degree in Industrial Design at Designskolen Kolding , Denmark.

We obtain the bachelor degree in Design and Visual Communication at Politecnico di Torino.

We start working as a design team while studying design at Politecnico di Torino.
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