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Rigo is a concept developed for The Challege-Design for Dispaced, published on Frame Magazine, issue 120.
After our Master graduation project, that deals with the problem of displacement, we have been asked by Frame to develop another concept specific for The Challenge.
Displaced people often live in cohabitation contexts and have to share most of the spaces where they live with other people. In these cases, the bed and the few square meters around it become the only real personal space.
In this space people need to feel welcome, have the possibility feel safe and relax, have privacy and feel as much at home as possible.
Rigo is a furniture series composed by a bed and a garment rack for organizing clothes. The two products are completed by a series of accessories that can be easily mounted on them in different positions.
“Rigo” in Italian means “line”, it is the line on which you can write stories or compose music. In this case it is the line where you can compose your homey space around you.
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